Image taken from the article "‘We’ve got the power!’ In DRC, rap moves to take on rumba" from the Malay Mail, 25 October 2018.

More adventures in the world of the electronic music of Africa and the African diaspora.

We start with a beautiful mbira piece from the late Chiwoniso Maraire, then moving into electronic encounters with the mbira, Bugandan and Malawian drumming, London Lingala grime, and as often happens a track or two from Hakuna Kulala - a label that is an old favourite of this show, and from Blanc Manioc, a label that is a new favourite of this show.

Broadcast on Dublin Digital Radio at 7pm on March 31st 2019

Link to high quality downloadable version at bottom of page.
Artist Title Time
Chiwoniso Maraire Zvichapera 00:00
Jacob Mafuleni & Gary Gritness Mayarira 04:30
Nihiloxica Diggi Dagga 11:00
Darren Keen Konononoone 17:24
Holly Herndon Eternal 21:12
Midnight Ravers Yamariyo (Slikback remix) 26:12
Blanc Manioc TamaLyon 29:29
Midnight Ravers Tegurer 34:54
Tshegue M'Benga Bila 37:25
Don Zilla From The Cave 40:27
Drew Moyo Chifundo 45:39
Kalabanx Shell Shock (Feat. Bony) 49:39
Bala Bala Boyz Baza Ba Skivere 53:37
Logic1000 Precision 57:03

We start with a very beautiful piece from Chiwoniso Maraire - the last things she recorded before her death, aged only 37. This is a Thomas Mapfumo song, here done in a stripped down arrangement accompanied by Jacob Mafuleni, another mbira player. The delicacy of this arrangement and the quality of the recording make this a really outstanding example of Shona mbira music. The daughter of the great Dumisani Maraire she was a very well know musician in Zimbabwe and died suddenly of pneumonia only 3 years ago.

The mbira has in recent years proved to be pretty adaptable - it is by nature percussive and the ragged edge to its sound fits well with the organic feel of analogue synths or with guitar distortion. Two of the other tunes showcase this - the first is from an album called Batanidzo that Jacob Mafuleni did with the French producer Gary Gritness. The second is a take on Konono No 1's Lufala Ndonga by Darren Keen from an EP he did on Polish Juke records.

Polish Juke are well worth checking out - Surly has been played on this show before and there is a load more stuff there that looks like it may get played in the future - they have a unique take on footwork, juke and 80's Polish jazz that sometimes just baffles me but sometimes really works - like, for example, this.

Also featured are a clutch of tunes from the French label Blanc Manioc - tunes by Slikback, Midnight Ravers and Blanc Manioc. A new discovery, this label has a lot in common with Hakuna Kulala (who have put out two great EP's by Slikback). Hakuna Kulala feature this week with an absolute belter from in-house producer Don Zilla.

Other stuff worth listening to:

The almighty Tzusing has done a podcast for Dekmantel, as always it's a belter. Tzusing's music feels very close in spirit to a lot of the hard-hitting African tunes. Plus there's a nice tribute to Keith Flynn.

High quality downloadable version of this weeks Kollaps:

Kollaps 31-03-19