Image by Siobhán.

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Live set from The Haunt venue at the Electric Picnic festival in Ireland. An hour of Soukous, Congolese Rhumba, Afro-latin and a little highlife.

Thanks to everyone who danced, and to the whole crew for a great weekend.

Artist Title Time
Shauri Yako (I & II) Nguishi N'Timbo with L'Orchestre Festival of Zaire 00:00
Ne Rien Voir, Dire, Entendre Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou 09:20
Je Suis Pour Toi Lilly Nyboma Et Bovi Avec Le Group Innovation 14:43
Asalam Malekum Vis-à-Vis 22:46
Gbé Nan Tché Antoine Dougbè & L'Orchestre Poly-Rythmo 29:05
Odefe defe Atakora Manu & his Sound Engineers 33:36
Na La Vie Aurlus Mabélé 39:46
La Femme Ivoirienne Aurlus Mabélé 47:43
La Nature Belle Le Monde Méchant Avohou Pierre & T.P. Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou 53:40

Impromptu set, wasn't supposed to be playing, got 10 minutes notice, there was no soundcard, no controller, no way to monitor, output through the headphone jack - and it somehow went great. It's really hard to remember which songs on the albums are the good ones when all the names are in various African languages.

Image by Siobhan
Image by Maria
Kollaps 08-09-19