Image taken from the album "Appia Kwa Bridge" by Ebo Taylor.

Vinyl  mix of a bunch of African records that I grabbed on the way out the  door. Includes some Afrobeat and Afrofunk, which I don't usually play.  Plus some back and forth between Africa and Europe.

Featuring  George Mukabi, Ebo Taylor, Tony Allen & Africa 70, Fẹla Anikulapo  Kuti & Afrika 70, Dele Sosimi, Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra, Tala  A.M., Brian Eno and David Byrne, The Unknown Cases, Dj Khalab, Baba  Sissoko, Dilika, Paul Simon.

Broadcast on Dublin Digital Radio at 7pm on July 7th 2019.

Link to high quality downloadable version at bottom of page.
Artist Title
Furaha Wenye Gita George Mukabi
Appia Kwa Bridge Ebo Taylor
Afro-disco-beat Tony Allen & Africa 70
Ikoyi Blindness Fẹla Anikulapo Kuti & Afrika 70
Sanctuary Dele Sosimi
Presentations Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra
Arabica Tala A.M.
Eye Nyam Nam 'A' Mensuro (Henrik Schwarz Blend) Ebo Taylor, Pat Thomas, Henrik Schwarz
Nefertiti Wisdom
America Is Waiting Brian Eno and David Byrne
Masimba Bele The Unknown Cases
Tata Dj Khalab, Baba Sissoko
Amazimuzimu Dilika
You Can Call Me Al Paul Simon

We start with the wonderful George Mukabi - the father of Kenyan acoustic guitar music. This is from a release on Mississippi Records - a label I can't recommend highly enough - (find them also on Bandcamp). They're at the forfront of the flood of reissues of classic African albums, compilations of forgotten gems and the reinvigoration of old artists, still active. It's great to see this stuff out on vinyl. Featured here we have stuff from legendary figures such as Ebo Taylor (a new album), Fela Kuti and Tony Allen, Dele Sosimi, Tala A.M., and a remix of a Baba Sissoko tune.

I had the very great pleasure of seeing Ebo Taylor perform in the Sugar Club in Dublin a few years ago, at the ago of 77.